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Diamond Custom Seats – Dedicated to Quality

People often spend extra money for extra quality.  Designer sunglasses, gold watches, and fancy shoes are quality products that don’t always perform better than lower-priced alternatives.  That’s okay.  But to a real long-distance motorcycle rider, quality is important. And when it comes to the seat the factory offering is not usually the best.

Even the most expensive motorcycles are equipped with a factory-stock seat that was built only for the “average rider” and constructed as inexpensively as possible.  In other words, one-size-fits-all.  This can cause problems for riders that are not a perfect fit for these seats.  Other frequent complaints about the factory seats are sore legs, aching back, numb butt bones and tail bone.

That’s where DIAMOND CUSTOM SEATS comes in.  For more than 43 years, we’ve been building high-quality, high-comfort seats for the serious rider.  And our list of enthusiastic customers, as well as our product line, is enormous.  Each custom seat is built to your own personal dimensions, and your passenger’s, using the finest materials to guarantee you many years of long-distance comfort.

Diamond Custom Seats biker image   Click here to read a seat comparison article in Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine.   Diamond Custom Seats biker image