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Dash Covers

Dash Covers
Dash Covers

Dash Covers

Dash Covers
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Diamond Seats makes fitted dash covers for all GL 1100, 1200, 1500, and 1800 bikes. The covers are attached to the top of the dash with Velcro and are meant to color-coordinate with seats or seat covers. They also serve to protect the dash from sunlight damage and to deflect sunlight reflection away from the rider’s eyes. They come in the same top-quality velour fabric and colors available for our seats and seat covers.

We customize every seat to fit your style and to maximize your comfort.  We believe your bike should not only look good, but feel good too.  When you call, here are some of the questions we ask so we can provide you with the perfect saddle.

  • Your weight, height, and length of inseam.
  • If you normally ride two-up, then your passenger weight, height, and inseam.
  • With or without driver backrest, also customized to match your seat design.
  • Color, or color combinations.
  • Fabrics of vinyl or velour.  We also have a variety of animal skin designs.
  • Stitching designs: diamond stitch over entire top, diamond stitch row down center, smooth, or other custom designs.
  • Any add-on’s or accessories: Studs, conchos, passenger pouch, embroidery, and more.

There’s really no limit to providing you with the perfect motorcycle seat!




Mon – Fri, 9 AM – 5 PM