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Kawasaki 1700

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Kawasaki 1700 Vulcan/Voyager/Nomad/VN 1700G Vulcan Classic LT

Diamond Custom Seats introduces it’s completely custom built replacement seat for the 2009-2018 Kawasaki 1700 Vulcan, Vulcan VN1700 G  Classic  LT, 1700 Voyager or 1700 Nomad.  Diamond is replacing the narrow, uncomfortable factory seat with a completely hand-constructed seat that is two inches wider under the rider’s bottom.  No longer will you be dumped forward on your “family jewels”. All the angles have been changed so that there is not a slope behind your butt forcing you to ride on the back of your butt-cheeks and dumping your crotch forward into the upward slope of the nose.  Diamond flattened the upward slope which provides the rider with more sitting space. The design ergonomics of the Diamond seat removes the pressure from your tail bone and your “sits” bones.  The new Diamond Custom Seat for the Vulcan/Voyager/Nomad offers comfortable under leg support because of its wider structure to distribute the rider’s weight away from your skinny, boney bottom. It’s like riding in an easy chair! Each Diamond Custom Seat for the Vulcan/Voyager/Nomad is constructed to the height, weight and inseam of BOTH the rider and passenger. The dual-density, self-conforming foam is hand poured to each rider’s weight respectively. The seat can be constructed for very tall or very short riders. The new Diamond Seat comes with or without a built-in, removable, fully adjustable driver’s backrest. The backrest folds forward so she can swing her leg across and is fully adjustable fore and aft four inches. A matching, pull-over cover is available for the passenger’s backrest. This is the quintessential all-day motorcycle seat.