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Kawasaki 1600

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Kawasaki 1600

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In 2003 when Kawasaki came out with the more powerful 1600, they could have designed a more comfortable seat to go with the great new bike. However, the seat is still of the “factory” variety, which leaves much to be desired. Diamond has come to the rescue again with a dynamic design, shaped for comfort over the long haul. This is a saddle that you and your passenger can ride all day. The saddle is scooped out so that your butt is cradled down in the seat, rather than sitting on a flat, hard piece of rubber. The passenger seat is a full 17 inches wide and filled with the most luxurious, hand-poured foam on the planet. The width of the passenger seat was swelled to a luxurious 14 1/2 inches, and shaped to cradle the passenger’s behind for those long days.